1887 May 06 Winona Daily Republican

May 6, 1887



The adjourned meetings of the special committee of the Board of Trade to arrange for and present a formal plan of action in connection with the proposed building of the Winona and Southwestern railway was held at the rooms of the Board on Thursday evening. The following report was submitted for consideration by the sub-committee, consisting of Messrs. Jenkins, Lamberton, Norton, Yale and Simpson, viz.:

WHEREAS, The Winona and Southwestern Railroad company, a corporation duly incorporated and organized under the laws of the State of Minnesota, are about to commence the construction of a railroad leading southwesterly from the city of Winona to the Iowa State line, and thence southwesterly to some point on the Missouri river; and,

WHEREAS, The actual construction of said railroad will at an early day be let to some person or persons by said Winona and Southwestern Railroad company; therefore, we, the undersigned, propose to form ourselves into an incorporated company, under the laws of the State of Minnesota, under the name and style of the Winona and Iowa Southwestern Improvement Company, with a capital of $250,000, for the express purpose of building said railroad. And we agree to receive private subscriptions to said stock of $100 and upwards. And we hereby pledge ourselves to take stock in said company to the amount set opposite our names, provided said company is duly organized and the full amount of said capital is subscribed.

The report was, with substantial unanimity, accepted and adopted. On motion of Mr. Yale the gentlemen present were invited to indicate the amount of stock wich, under proper restrictions, they would take in the proposed company when properly organized. The result was pledges as follows:

Laird-Norton Co....$25,000 | T. T. Hayden......$ 5,000
H. W. Lamberton.... 25,000 | H. D. Morse.......  5,000
V. Simpson......... 25,000 | Chas. Horton......  5,000
F. A. Johnson...... 10,000 | W. H. Yale........  5,000
H. C. Bolcom.......  5,000 | C. L. Bonner......  5,000
J. H. Jenkins......  5,000 | R. T. Boyd........  5,000

These pledges were made conditioned upon the city voting aid in behalf of the Southwestern railroad to the extent and in the manner contemplated in the enabling act of the last Legislature covering this subject. The sub-committee named above were requested to obtain such additional subscriptions as might be feasible prior to the assembling of the convention. After some discussion, a resolution was adopted empowering the delegates representing Winona in the convention to express the deep interest felt in the Southwestern road by this city and to give every reasonable assurance that its people would render such material aid to the project as may be necessary to give it vitality and effect. The committee then adjourned.


A beautiful day dawned auspiciously for the convention to consider the Winona and Southwestern railroad project. The evening trains on Thursday brought many delegates, followed by others during the night and on Friday morning. The reception committee appointed by the Board of Trade were early astir, while the hotel lobbies presented an animated spectacle. At the appointed hour, 10 o’clock, on Friday the delegates assembled at the court house. Hon. W. H. Yale called the meeting to order and remarked that Judge Mitchell, who was president of the convention at Spring Valley was out of the city, and he therefore nominated Hon. H. W. Lamberton of Winona as president of this convention. The nomination was duly ratified, and Mr. Lamberton took the chair, remarking that the gentlemen were well aware of the purpose of the meeting, which was to take measures toward the furtherance of the construction of the Winona and Southwestern Railroad. He asked the pleasure of the convention as to the election of other officers. Hon. Thos. Simpson of Winona was elected secretary and Mr. W. J. Whipple assistant secretary. The following gentlemen were elected vice-presidents: H. R. Wells of Preston, R. B. Kellogg of Green Bay, B. F. Farmer of Spring Valley, John Frank of Le Roy, and O. G. Wall of Preston. W. J. Fisk, Fort Howard; George Henry, Fremont; Mark Campbell, Saratoga; Chas. M. Lovell, Chatfield; H. Robbins, Fillmore; S. B. Chase, Osage; H. I. Smith, Mason City; George G. Stevens, Rushford; David Currie, Arendahl; L. G. Kilbourn, Wykoff; E. A. Gerdtzen, Winona.

Hon. W. H. Yale announced that badges were in the hands of the reception committee to give to all the delegates, and any who were not provided were requested to come forward and receive them.

Mr. J. J. Randall moved that the chair appoint a committee of five on credentials. The chair appointed Messrs. B. A. Man, Lanesboro; W. J. Fisk, Fort Howard; John Ludwig, Winona; Geo. W. Warren, Spring Valley; J. D. Allen, Le Roy.

Mr. Chas Horton moved that the chair appoint a committee of five on permanent organization. The chair appointed Messrs. W. H. Yale, Winona; B. K. Kellogg, Green Bay; H. R. Wells, Preston; B. F. Farmer, Spring Valley; Jno. Frank, Le Roy.

Mr. Yale informed the convention that carriages had been provided in order to give the visitors a drive about Winona. He therefore moved that the convention take a recess until half past 1 o’clock. This motion prevailed, and the delegates forthwith proceeded to the carriages and enjoyed an hour or two in driving about Winona, while a portion of the reception committee went to the Winona and St. Peter depot to receive delegates who were to arrive by the Dodge Center train.


On re-assembling after dinner the committee on credentials reported the following delegates:

Winona–W. H. Yale, G. W. Gregory, H. C. Bolcom, W. S. Drew, H. M. Kinney, A. McNie, C. H. Boynton, John Kendall, E. A. Gerdtzen, T. T. Hayden, W. J. Landon, C. H. Porter, Lloyd Barber, Sam. Van Sant, Wm. Mitchell, John Ludwig, W. T. Hubbell, John B. Fellows, William Gale, Thomas Wilson, R. D. Cone, F. A. Johnston, M. G. Norton, J. H. Jenkins, C. F. Schroth, H. D. Morse, W. J. Whipple, Chas. Horton, D. E. Vance, C. L. Bonner, D. Sinclair, H. W. Lamberton, Thomas Simpson.

Green Bay–Rufus B. Kellogg, F. Hurlbert.

Fort Howard–W. J. Fisk, A. L. Gray, Jas. Tiernan.

Lanesboro–O. G. Wall, B. A. Man, Thos. Thorp, Charles Johnson, A. M. Houck, Ole Iverson.

Spring Valley–B. F. Farmer, H. T. Tolhire [possibly; illegible], Geo. W. Warren, C. G. Edwards.

Le Roy–J. D. Allen, John Frank, Daniel Bosworth.

Fillmore–H. Robbins.

Rushford–G. G. Stevens, A. O. Heiburg, W. E. Colburn, L. J. Amble.

Wykoff–L. G. Kilborn, G. H. Brown.

Preston–H. R. Wells, Ch. H. Conkey, A. Weiser, G. W. Hard, A. D. Gray.

Fremont–John Henry, John Roberton, J. A. Randall.

Arendahl–Daniel Currie, J. C. Ferguson.

Chatfield–J. R. Jones, C. L. Lovell, L. Bauer, G. H. Haven, M. Bolsinger.

Saratoga–John T. Blair, Mark Campbell.

Osage, Iowa–Dr. S. B. Chase, J. H. Brush, E. S. Fonda.

Mason City–H. I. Smith, John Cliggitt, D. M. Tiffany.

The report was adopted.

Among others present as interested spectators are W. F. Phelps of Duluth and Thos. Cochrane, Jr. and A. R. Walsh of St. Paul.

The committee on permanent organization reported in favor of continuing the temporary organization. The report was adopted.

After the adoption of the report on permanent organization, which was presented by Hon. Wm. M. Yale, Mr. Lamberton briefly expressed his thanks and introduced Hon. Thomas Simpson, who on behalf of the Board of Trade welcomed the delegates to Winona and presented an important budget showing the production of the country along the projected line of the Winona and Southwestern road. His remarks were received with a marked degree of interest and enthusiasm.

The chair then suggested that the convention hear from delegates present from the various towns. Speeches followed by Dr. Chase of Osage, Mr. H. I Smith of Mason City, Mr. Fonda of Osage, Mr. John Frank of Le Roy, Mr. B. F. Farmer of Spring Valle [sic], Hon. Henry R. Wells of Preston. B. A. Man of Lanesboro; C. M. Lovell and John R. Jones, Chatfield; L. G. Kilbourn, Wykoff; R. B. Kellogg, Green Bay; W. J. Fisk, Fort Howard; Fred Hulbert, Green Bay; John Ludwig, Winona; W. H. Yale, Winona.

The speeches were all marked by much earnestness and enthusiasm, but the lateness of the hour precludes any outline of the important facts presented by the gentlemen from Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota.


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