1907 Nov 18 Winona Daily Republican

November 18, 1907


Mr. and Mrs. John Ferguson of Free-
[sic] Celebrated Their Golden


L. V. Wilbur of Winona Read an Ap-
propriate Poem—Many Beautiful
Presents Were Given to the
Pioneer Couple.

One of the happy events of the season was the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. John Furguson [sic] at their home in Fremont this county on the 11th day of the present month. For many years they have been respected and loved residents of the county and this was but a fitting tribute to their memory.

The company of relatives and friends began to arrive at an early hour, and continued to arrive until shortly before noon. Promptly at high noon the company sat down to tables filled with dainties most deliciously prepared, and decorated with chrysanthemums, carnations and smilax.

After dinner which was a sumptious [sic] one, the bride and groom of fifty years ago were led to the parlor and the Rev. S. W. Squire presented them with the tokens of love, friendship, and regard.

The presents were all useful as well as beautiful. Among them was an invalid chair presented to Mrs. Ferguson by her children, and a beautiful gold fob chain to Mr. Furguson [sic]. Space will not admit
the enumeration of all, but all were higly appreciated. Mrs. Ferguson has been a patient sufferer for the past eight months.

An impromtu [sic] program was rendered by eGo. [sic] Woodward on his graphophone. Rev. S. W. Squire sang some very pleasing solos, and a number of the men present joined in singing several patriotic songs, after which L. V. Wilber of Winona read the following poem:

Just fifty years ago to-night;
you clasped your hands together,
And promised then to hold on tight,
thru storm and sunny weather.
Just half a century has fled,
and we your friends have gathered,
To learn if you had kept your pledge,
and neither, yet had faltered.
We find you true, and glad we are
your journey thus to brighten,
By coming in to share your joys,
we would your sorrows lighten.
How few there are who stand to-night
just as you two together;
We’ve dropped their hand along the road,
and they are gone forever.
But when at last we all shall stand,
beyond the dark, dark river,
God grant, we meet and clasp glad hands
to part—no, never, never.

The following guests were present: Mr. and Mrs. L. V. Wilber Winona, (nee, Ann. Ferguson.) and daughter Grace Rev. and Mrs. Ralph. Carlton, Waseca, Minn. (nee, Gertrude Ferguson; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pierce, Winona county (nee, June Ferguson), Mr. and Mrs. Lon. Ferguson, (son); Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Ferguson, (son); Messers [sic] and Mesdames Robert Henry, St. Charles; M. Ferguson, Chatfield, J. W. Rice, Lewiston, W. S. Morrison, B. F. Every, John Bain, Sam. Ufford, James Ferguson, Jas. Greethurst; Alex. Henry, Mintonun [sic], Manatoba [sic], Canada, Hon. Murry, Kelly, J. Curry, Arndale [sic], T. Ferguson, Rushford, Geo. Woodward, Clyde Woodward, Roy Pierce, Clyde Pierce, J. Howard, Rev. S. W. Squire, Stockton; Mesdames. C. Compton, Fremont, (Aged 90.), M. Rutherford, St. Laurance [sic] county, N. Y., E. Ferguson, Rushford, B. Henry, Fremont, P. Woodward, Fremont, T. Robertson [sic], Fremont, E. Curry, Arndale; Miss E. Ferguson, Arndale, Miss Ada Ferguson, Fremont.


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